Vegusto open sandwiches.

ImageI was very hungry so here’s what I did:
2 slices wholemeal bread, toasted
some lettuce
some tomatoes
some artichoke (this was in garlicky oil from supermarket)
2 slices of Vegusto vegan schnitzel, fried in oil
2 sliced mushrooms, fried in oil, seasoned with tamari soy

This was all thrown on top of the bread and drizzled with a garlic dip (also from Vegusto). It was delish and made such a satisfying lunch, I don’t need dinner!  (I was going to use Avocado instead of the artichoke, but my ripe and ready avocados were neither ripe, nor ready).
If you’ve not heard of Vegusto, visit their website: not cheap, but the Swiss made vegan meats and cheeses and great – and they use no palm oil.  All cheeses are nut based rather than soy.