Gado Gado – Indonesian salad with Satay

Gado Gado - an indonesian staple

This meal was tasty and interesting although a little time-consuming to prepare, so I enlisted Rich’s help to expedite things… Taken from ‘The Asian Vegan Kitchen’ by Hema Parekh, I used my own (family) Satay recipe instead as this didn’t involve deep frying peanuts….!

Basically, the main work is preparing all the veg/carbs: This is what is on the plate and how I prepared it:

Potatoes – cubed and deep fried until cooked
Tofu – silken tofu, cubed, dipped in cornflour and deep fried until golden
1 carrot, julienned, then blanched*
some cabbage, cut into ‘squares’, then blanched
2 handfuls beansprouts, blanched
cucumber sliced thinly

*to blanche, just add prepared veg to boiling water for abut 1 min, remove and refresh in iced water. (I ran out of ice, so just ran fresh cold from the tap, which was fine).


Lentil & couscous-but-much-better-than-just-that-salad

My plan is that this yummy salad lasts me for three lunches at work. I bought in loads of ingredients and made up a large bowl of the stuff at work. Really easy:

Lentil & couscous-but-much-better-than-just-that-salad

I bought the following and mixed them together in a bowl and garnished with crispy onions (bought in a tub):
Roasted tomato couscous (from the section where you get the hummus and other cold salady stuff
1 tin green lentils (drained)
some cucumber
1 avocado
spring onions
pickled beetroot

dressed with garlic infused extra virgin olive oil and juice of half a lemon. No seasoning necessary as couscous was quite salty.

Very tasty and the addition of the crispy onions at the end added that extra bit of texture and rich roasted oniony flavour that really took the biscuit. so to speak!

Another yummy salad

I seem to have managed to avoid dairy and eggs for a good few days now, so my diet has been practically vegan (which would be an ideal for me, as I’m aware of the ethical issues of consuming eggs/milk products).  I think eggs will be the hardest thing to cut out, but I already drink only soy milk and use soy margarine: cheese is the next hurdle. But I’m not pressuring myself!

So apologies in advance for the poor photography – this is what happens when your husband is a professional wedding photographer and he takes both cameras out to work with him on a Saturday – I end up having to take a rubbish snap with my computer (hence it being out of focus!).

broccoli and garlic mushroom salad

Salad featuring broccoli and garlic mushrooms and avocado

So this salad was easy peasey: two things needed cooking – I boiled some broccoli until just cooked, then immersed them in cold water to stop the cooking and keep it that glorious green colour (not done justice by the photo!).  I also fried some sliced mushrooms along with a couple of small sliced garlic cloves.  These were added ontop of a pile of:

chopped avocado

Then I drizzled with Extra Virgin Olive Oil, spattered some balsamic vinegar and garnished with some seeds for protein, goodness and added texture. yum.  Any questions?