As a newish vegan, I want to use this blog to log great recipes I’ve cooked for the benefit of myself as well as other people following the same path.  I have learned so much about flavour and ingredients and where to get them and what to do with them.

I am a fussy eater: I get ratty if I am fed more than one boring meal in a row – my husband will vouch for that!  I don’t get much time to cook during the week, as I work full time and my evenings are often busy, so my meals have to be flavoursome and filling as well as interesting.  And I’m always going on about ‘greens’. Poor Rich (my hubby).

So the “cows are my friends” because I no longer eat them, or anything that comes from them. I’ve now been vegan since July 2011.  This blog began as a vegetarian blog, but I only eat/cook and post about vegan food.  I’m not going to delete the old posts, as most vegans begin their journeys by going veggie – if I can I’ll update posts with vegan alternatives.

I’m no masterchef, but am a fairly competent cook. I may not score very highly on presentation, as I like my hot food hot. And don’t go expecting Waitrose style food photography, because I only have white plates and utilitarian utensils, but I’m not trying to sell you anything, so what does that matter?

The good news is that veganism appears to be growing and products are becoming more and more available.  I’m not a purist: I will use processed foods to make my life easier.  I’m still satisfied that my diet is way better than it was before 🙂



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  1. Lovely to find a UK based veg blog- and congratulations on making the move to veggie and moving towards veganism. I truly believe going vegan was probably the best decision I’ve personally made. I’ll be reading 🙂

  2. I am a Vegetarian By Choice, like many others on this beautiful planet. Of course my reasons are purely environmental and have nothing to do with religion, health, compassion from animals etc.

    Well, I love animals but that I do not think is good enough reason to be a vegetarian. I love plants equally well and if love for animals would make me shun meat, then love for plants should make me shun veggies. And then what would I eat? There is an article that I wrote on this: Animals Are My Friends, And I Don’t Eat My Friends

    I think we vegetarian have to adopt another approach to get meat eaters give up meat – and that approach is environment. One must be a vegetarian for environmental reasons. Human beings were not designed to eat meat. And in their quest to eat meat, they are screwing up the environment and we will one day end up as fossils just as the great dinosaurs did more than 100 million years ago.

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