Umami magic

Umami magic

One thing I’m obsessed with is getting maximum flavour to make my dishes interesting. This either entails lots of different and varied ingredients, or just being clever with certain flavours I know will deliver. The main stumbling block for people switching to a vegan diet is that they can miss the flavour satisfaction they used to get from meat and dairy: the ‘umami’ flavour – here is a great article that really explains it well:
So I’m always looking for ingredients for my food, like mushrooms, soy, nutritional yeast, tomatoes, etc that will give that flavour hit at the back of my mouth. I will share what I find…. and here is a recent one: Shake o’cini… found in the ‘posh’ section at Sainsbury’s. It is a very fine powder of porcini mushrooms which you can add to soups, curries, stews, bolognese, sauces – as long as you cook it for a while, anything goes. It’s a brilliant buy – I highly recommend it.


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