Hoi sin mock duck stir fry


So here is one of my adventures with vegan ‘meat’ – I bought a pack of Hoi Sin Duck from Redwoods (from my local Holland and Barrett) and having already tried and loved making hoi sin duck-style pancakes with it (chinese pancakes or tortillas, fried ‘duck-style’, strips of fresh cucumber, shredded spring onion and hoi sin sauce), I wanted to stir fry it. Stir fry is one of my frequent go-tos of an evening – i get to use loads of fresh veg and (because I work for Blue Dragon and have a cupboard full of sauces) I can always do something with lots of flavour.


There are two stir fries on this plate – I always do my prep beforehand, as the cooking should only last 3 minutes at the most, so it’s usually a frantic dash at the end: an extra pair of hands can be a great help.  The rice is just brown basmati – I’ve kept it plain as the rest of the food is rich.  Brown rice is more filling – and we all know that empty feeling you can get after a Chinese…. combat it with brown rice! 

Hoi Sin mock duck – ingredients (for 2)

dash of oil (nut oil or other flavourless oil)
1 packet of Redwood duck-style
1 red pepper (pref. romano or pointed peppers, as they are very sweet)
4 spring onions, sliced
1 Jar of Hoi Sin Sauce (I use Blue Dragon, of course) – you won’t need the whole jar, but the sauce will keep for quite a while in the fridge.

1. heat the oil, and when very hot, add the peppers and stir continuously until they are starting to soften and catch a little on the pan (brown bits) – should only be about 1-2mins.
2. Add Redwood duck pieces and stir – this too will start to caramelise on the edges
3. Add spring onions and stir through – these really don’t need to cook much as the more raw they are the more tang they add.
4. Add a small amount of hoi sin sauce: you want to ensure your finished dish has a glazed look, and isn’t swimming in sauce, as this will be too sweet.  Stir through until heated, then your dish is ready to serve.

Stir Fried tofu and veg in veggie oyster sauce: this dish is more green and savoury to counter the sweetness of the duck dish, so don’t overdo it on the sauce

Oil, for frying (about 1 tbsp)
handful of tenderstem broccoli
tablespoon of Shaoxing rice wine or water
1/2 block firm tofu, drained and cut into wedges
good handful of mange tout
handful of baby corn
vegetarian oyster sauce (or ketjap manis, but this is sweeter, so balance with a bit of soy sauce)

1. Heat your wok until it smokes (if using a seasoned wok), then add the oil.
2. Add the tofu and stir fry gently until browned on the edges.  Remove from the pan and drain on a kitchen towell.
3. Then carefully add the tenderstem broccoli – this needs to take longest so is first of the veggies in.  Stir fry.
4. To help this tenderise through steaming, add either the Shaoxing wine (you can use dry sherry) or some water and continue to stir fry.
5. Then add the mangetouts and baby corn and stir fry for another minute until the mangetout turn bright green.
6.  Add the tofu back to the pan.
7. Add a few glugs of Veggie oyster sauce, stir and heat through, ensuring it coats your veggies, then serve.

Marinated cucumber
Just to add a touch of freshness and bit to the proceedings, cut up some cucumber (remove the seeds) into chunks and chuck in a bowl with splash of something vinegary like White Rice vinegar or Mirin.  Throw in a small crushed clove of garlic, and some chopped chilli and mix in – this can be done in advance and left in the fridge.  The cucumber will be nice and crunchy.  If you like sesame oil, a couple of drops can be added before serving.  The key is to taste – if it’s too tart, just adjust with some agave nectar syrup or sugar.