Harvest-stuffed mushrooms and maple roasted sprouts

Dinner last night was delicious and exciting.  I’m exploring more and more vegan recipes and find Chef Chloe is very inspiring – I shall be dipping in her recipe collection regularly, I feel!  I know my presentation isn’t as nice as hers, but hey, I’m just cooking dinner here! Here is the link to Chloe’s recipe for these Harvest Stuffed Portabello mushrooms and Maple Roasted Sprouts.

Harvest Stuffed mushrooms

Chef Chloe's Harvest Stuffed mushrooms and maple roasted brussel sprouts served with Jacket Potato.

My hubby and I both love the nutty texture of the mushrooms and the sprouts were awesome!  I’ve never roasted them before, and this way made them soooo tasty! My sprouts were quite small, so I think 30 mins would have been just enough, but I did them for 45.  Still the ‘burnt bits’ added a smoky taste that actually went very well with the syrup! The addition of the hazelnuts at the end really took the biscuit! I’m going to try maple roasting other things now I’ve invested in a nice bottle of maple syrup (I love the stuff – reminds me of our honeymoon to Nova Scotia, when we visited the sugarbush farm near our holiday home and where everything was made of maple syrup!).

Thanks Chloe!