Coco delights!

Doggie bag plus quinoa

This isn’t one of my own cooking forays, rather just a note about a lovely meal we had last night at a local Indian restaurant – yes local! We didn’t have to go to London to find somewhere that had a good selection of veggie foods.  Coco Diner in Chatham, Kent is cursed with a particularly bad location and I think this is the reason the place was empty on a Saturday night.  The waiter told me they are thinking of moving to Rochester for this reason.

They serve South Indian/Keralan fayre which, I understand features lots of veggie food, except when you get nearer the coast where they like to eat fish.

Veggie options are mostly vegan and are listed separately from meat dishes.  There is a much better selection (though not huge) than  in normal Indian Restaurants.

We had a delicately tasty dal, some okra masala (quite sweet with red and green peppers), and a very interesting Masala Dosa – a paper thin rice pancake filled with soft, fluffy, spiced potatoes and served with a tasty mild vegetable curry to spoon on top.  The pancake was delicious – had a very sweet, maple-syrup roundness to it.  My husband and I sat beaming at each other very pleased with our find.  The tamarind rice (cooked with tamarind juice then ‘tempered’ with mustard seed, curry leaves and peanuts), was gorgeous: subtle and different.

We had some leftovers, so I doggie bagged it and have just eaten it for lunch with some quinoa!

Indonesian for tea tonight: I’m re-running


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