Thai Green Curry with Sweet potato and mixed veg

Mmmmm! easy peasy curry using shop bought paste BUT Warning: Many Thai Red & Green curry pastes have fish sauce in them, so this is not vegetarian.  I used Blue Dragon Premium Green Curry paste (small black jar). If you can’t find any from shopping around and are an avid fan, you might have to resort to making your own paste, but it can be hard (at least in most parts of the UK) to find the exotic ingredients.

Some of the veg I put in the curry!

Thai Green (or Red) can be made with pretty much whatever you fancy tossing into it.  I made the main feature Sweet Potato, and added chunks of courgette, mushroom, green beans, peas and tomatoes into the mix.  I served this with brown rice, because I’m trying to be saintly and majorly up my wholegrain consumption, but if you want it for a more special occasion, Thai Jasmine rice is particularly nice and fragrant.

Here’s a list of what I used and how I used it:

Ingredients (for 2):
1 tbsp oil
3 tsp thai green curry paste (depends on brand you are using – so check pack directions)
1 heaped teaspoon of ground coriander seeds (you may think this isn’t necessary, but I guarantee it makes a tastier, richer sauce)
400ml tin coconut milk
All your veg (see above for what I used).
Coriander to garnish

1. Heat oil in a pan (wok or deep frying pan)
2. Add curry paste and fry for a minute or so, being careful not to burn.
3. Add your coriander powder, stir and continue frying paste, stirring constantly.
4. Scoop out the fat that may have settled at the top of your can of coconut milk and add this to the paste, allowing to bubble with it for a minute before adding the rest of the tin.  (Don’t worry if it hasn’t separated, just pour a bit in to start then add the rest)
5. Add your veg – the slowest cooking first, and gradually add as the various veg require.  I added the sweet potato and left it for nearly 10 mins before adding anything else.  Make sure you cut it smallish, as it will take forever otherwise.
6. When all veg is cooked TASTE your sauce and make sure you are happy with its flavour.  At this point Thais would adjust the flavour of their curry by adding sugar and salt – palm sugar and fish sauce.  Of course fish sauce is out – buy soy is a good substitute, although it will darken your curry a little.  And normal sugar is fine – but if you have a brown sugar (not too dark), then that might be a little nicer.  The trick is to keep tasting. I added a small dash of soy sauce, and that was all that was needed.

Thai green curry

Sweet Potato Thai Green Curry served with brown rice


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