Tofu Miso Steaks with noodles

Tofu Steaks with noodles

Tofu Steaks with noodles

Thanks to my lovely hubby Rich for being the hand model in this pic!

Taken and adapted a little from the Wagamama cook book, I was nervous about cooking with tofu and have been for a while.  So it seems rather ambitious to be going for big hunks of the stuff for one of my first attempts!

I bought some brown rice miso and some sweet white miso at the supermarket as well as some tofu (by Cauldron), then found the recipe that resulted in this meal.  It was surprisingly tasty but also checked the ‘sanctimonious’ checkbox on the vegan chart! ha ha. It was so pure and healthy that I imagine I  shall be excreting nothing but natural mineral water and ash.

Here’s how I made it. (I measured nothing properly, by the way).

Open pack of (firm) tofu, drain, pat dry with kitchen towel and slice lenthways to make two ‘steaks’.  Make your paste to go on top:

about 1tsp red miso (brown rice or barley miso paste)
about 1 tbsp white miso
dash of sake (dessert spoon)
1 tsp sesame oil
generous pinch of togarashi seasoning
(original called for Schichimi, but can’t find the stuff anywhere – you could also use thai 7 spice – all this things seem to have chilli, orange or lemon peel, some poppy/seseame seeds and other stuff in varying degrees!  I got the togarashi from Waitrose)

mix together those ingredients then slaver on top of each miso steak.  Heat a griddle pan, oil it and then cook the steaks miso side up only for 6-8 minutes, making sure the bottom doesn’t burn.

Other ingredients required:
2 portions of noodles
greens (spinach or chard)
spring onions to garnish
coriander to garnish (I didn’t have any of this)
more miso to make broth
toasted sesame oil

In the meantime, cook some noodles: whatever takes your fancy – recipe called for rice noodles, but I used ramen.  I would have preferred to use a wholewheat noodle like soba, but they had run out 😦
When noodles cooked, drain and divide into bowls.

Steam or boil some greens.  When done and drained, place on top of noodles.

Prepare a miso broth (ie, just stir in some paste into some boiled water: don’t boil the broth as it kills the ‘friendly bacteria’ that is so good for you in the miso).  Then poor the broth to just cover the noodles and greens.

Place your cooked steak on top, garnish with spring onions (you could add chilli) and sprinkle over a little sesame oil.


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