Another yummy salad

I seem to have managed to avoid dairy and eggs for a good few days now, so my diet has been practically vegan (which would be an ideal for me, as I’m aware of the ethical issues of consuming eggs/milk products).  I think eggs will be the hardest thing to cut out, but I already drink only soy milk and use soy margarine: cheese is the next hurdle. But I’m not pressuring myself!

So apologies in advance for the poor photography – this is what happens when your husband is a professional wedding photographer and he takes both cameras out to work with him on a Saturday – I end up having to take a rubbish snap with my computer (hence it being out of focus!).

broccoli and garlic mushroom salad

Salad featuring broccoli and garlic mushrooms and avocado

So this salad was easy peasey: two things needed cooking – I boiled some broccoli until just cooked, then immersed them in cold water to stop the cooking and keep it that glorious green colour (not done justice by the photo!).  I also fried some sliced mushrooms along with a couple of small sliced garlic cloves.  These were added ontop of a pile of:

chopped avocado

Then I drizzled with Extra Virgin Olive Oil, spattered some balsamic vinegar and garnished with some seeds for protein, goodness and added texture. yum.  Any questions?


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