Butternut Squash Bhuna served with Kachumber(wamba!)

Butternut Squash Bhuna served with Kachumber, rice and peshwari naan.

This was so nice I couldn’t stop eating it – I went up for seconds!  The curry is easy to make and the kachumber, which is also easy as pie (easier, actually) makes a great addition to add freshness and zing to the plate.
With the veg in this recipe, I won’t give quanities – just have as much as you fancy, no need for measurements!

1 onion, chopped
couple of tablespoons of curry paste (I used Patak’s Bhuna)
some butternut squash, cut into 1.5cm cubes
some courgettes, sliced about 75mm thick(!)
some mushrooms sliced thickly
Three fresh, ripe tomatoes, roughly chopped (you can use tinned)
a little water

1. Fry your onions in a little oil until very soft, or even starting to brown
2. Add your curry paste and fry for 2 minutes, stirring
3. Add your chopped tomatoes and cook until they start to soften (and you can see the oil from the spice mix separate)
4. Add the butternut squash, and then pour in some water (to just cover the squash chunks)
5. When some of the water has cooked off, add your courgettes and mushrooms.
6. Just keep cooking until your veg is tender, but not mushy, and the sauce is thick.  You may need to keep adding small amounts of water to stop it drying out, as you go.  Serve.


4 ripe tomatoes, chopped finely (I removed the seeds by cutting them in half and scooping out with a teaspoon)
1/3 of a cucumber, chopped finely
1/2 red onion, chopped finely
1/2 red or green chilli, chopped finely
1-2tbsp coriander
squeeze of lemon juice

1. Mix all the ingredients together and taste!  You may need to add more salt – I find this needed a fairly generous salting for optimum taste!

I cooked some rice (just plain this time!) and shared 1/2 a peshwari naan with my hubby, and served these with the curry and kachumber.  I know it sounds a bit Nigella-ish, but…Devine!


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