Quick stir fry with tofu and black bean sauce

Okay, so I had a half hour slot in which to prepare and pretty much eat dinner, this evening, so I went the ‘convenience’ route.  I had the following ready next to my wok:

1 pack of marinated tofu (ginger and garlic)
1 slightly posh pack of stir fried veg (hence the pretentious carrot curls!)
3 noodle nests
one packet of black bean sauce

I cooked the noodles as per instructions for stir frying (ie less than if just eating straight away).  Meanwhile I heated my wok until smoking, added some nut oil, added the tofu and the larger veg pieces and stirred like crazy.  (Quickly drained the noodles and asked my hubby to open the sauce packet). Chucked in the rest of the stir fry veg (leaves and spring onion ‘curls’), stirred, chucked on the sauce, stirred, chucked in the noodles, stirred, took a photo:wok with noodlesthen served:noodles on plates

In the final analysis…. this dish was filling, had nice textures, but was a little bland.  Here’s what I might do differently:
1. More black bean sauce
2. No black bean sauce – I think I would prefer a sweeter sauce with this.  Or I would do the following:
Fry garlic, chilli and ginger, cook all the other ingredients then add some honey, lemon and light soy sauce for flavouring.  I think this would have made a more interesting dish. Maybe add some fresh coriander?  Or even a sweet chilli sauce?  Lots of things you can do with stir fry, and the best way to find out what you like is to experiment!  Let me know your favourite (veggie!) ways to flavour a stir fry….


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